The Bolivia collection has chocolate bars with Asaí, Locoto (Bolivian Chile), Maca and Lemon-grass.


Bolivia – the heart of South America. A country of multiple cultures offers the privilege of a natural richness from the soil of four exceptional regions: the immense Amazon jungle, the perfect harmony of its valleys, the arid beauty of Chaco and the majestic Altiplano in The Andes. Each of these regions adds a dimension and is represented by a characteristic fruit for the area that mixed with our wild amazonian cacao, which is considered unique in the world, gives as result these exquisite and fine bars of Chocolate Baure.


These cacao beans grow without any human intervention, consequently, they are the result of a process of nature, happening exclusively in the Amazon rainforest.


Our cacao is picked and fermented by the natives within a frame of respect to their milenary culture, sun dried in the forest and processed by our company, with plenty of passion and strict CSR criteria.


CERES GmbH certifies the quality of wild collection and organic cacao and also the organic production process.


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